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Replicas of the real stuff

Our Apollo suits are accurate replicas of the real moon suits. The model "A7L" was developed during the sixties as a cooperative project by ILC, Hamilton Standard, Airlock and other subcontractors to NASA.

The mechanics and couplings are exact SLA-prints, created by measuring the real parts. All accessories, such as the moon overshoes, the inner and outer gloves, backpacks, inner suit, visors, etc, come with the gear.

Comfortable for actors

Wearing typical SFX suits can quickly exhaust actors, due to excessive heat, difficulty hearing direction, and difficulty with movement. The fabric and bellows assembly in these suits are designed to look accurate for the camera, yet are comfortable for the actors, keeping them happy and ready to work.

The radio system in the snoopy cap lets the actors and film crew communicate easily, even when helmet and visor systems are engaged.

Lighter than the real ones

Another improvement upon the real suits is that this gear is much lighter, in order to work better with gravity illusions on film. Stunt harness and wires can be attached too; allowing the actors to simulate the moon’s decreased gravity. A common SFX trick in order to simulate the lesser gravity, such as in the TV series “From Earth to the Moon”, is the use of invisible strings and helium weather balloons.

On the Moon your own body weight would be divided by six.

Perfect! And How Do We Order This Service?

Can anyone hire us?

Yes, if you are a company with a serious idea and budget. The suits are designed for professional use only and not for private dress up parties or similar gags. We make no exceptions for private inquires. Sorry!

We will support you on set

These suits are valuable and need special care. Therefore, we will always be on set to support you. The advantage for you is that we can guarantee that things work well on set- no need to worry about claims or insurance for mistakes (unless caused by your own staff).

Can anyone wear it?

In those days the astronauts were smaller than average, but these suits are bigger than the originals.

Most women and men can wear them. The suits look best on an actor or actress who is 175 cm tall (max 185) an average healthy slim fit with normal hand size, and a shoe size maximum of men’s 45.

Can we have the suits customized for us?

Any customized flags, patches, or logos are included with the service. If you need great changes in the design we can make new suits for you.

How does it feel?

More comfortable than the real ones! Actors with claustrophobia have used them without discomfort. The sense of realism supports the actors’ process.

About The Original "A7L" Suit Design:

A. The Apollo suits were designed for walking.

Modern suits, like the shuttle EVA, never walk on the ground- they hover in open space. If your film takes place on the Moon, or during the sixties, this Apollo outfit should be used. It was also worn inside the Apollo capsules, and the early Space-lab (later as the A7L"B"). If your production takes place in any space program later than that, Apollo suits would be inaccurate.

B. They were designed to be folded and stored away.

The modern EVA-suit is bulky, with stiff limbs and torso, requiring modern shuttles to have more space for storage. The Apollo suits mostly consisted of soft fabric and rubber with very few hard parts, allowing the suits to be folded and stored with a minimum of space. This feature, however, caused stiffening when inflated, so some bellows and metal joints were added to increase flexibility. Our replicas mimic this style accurately.

The parts:

1. THE GOLDEN VISOR is not the actual helmet. The helmet is the airtight "fish bowl" underneath it. The visor system is mounted on top of the helmet for sun protection.

2. THE INNER GLOVES are the black rubber with the characteristic knuckle bumps. The silver gloves are put on over the inner gloves for mechanical protection when working on the Moon.

3. MOST OF THE CONNECTORS and valves are cast from SLA prints. The CAD-files were made by measuring real parts from one of NASA's A7L class III suits. Theoretically, a real suit could be plugged into ours (although there is no tubing system in our replicas).

4. A PRACTICAL ADVANTAGE is that these outfits are made as light and silent as possible. The original steel and aluminum was not only heavy, but noisy too. The compressed and reinforced epoxy that we use works a lot better for the actor, the cameraman, and the sound editor.

5. THE LSS BACKPACK and the Remote Control Unit come with the suits. These are hollow and much lighter than the originals. This helps to simulate the decreased weight of the equipment as it would appear with the Moon’s lesser gravity.

6. THE "SNOOPY CAP" is the nickname for the carrier of the headphones and microphones. The radio works in our suits, allowing the actors and the film crew to communicate during filming.

7. THE REMOTE CONTROL UNIT is mounted on the astronaut's chest. It lets the astronaut maneuver the oxygen supply, cooling, pressure, etc. The bracket in the front is for the Hasselblad camera.

8. FOR MOON WALKS the astronauts put on their silicone overshoes. These are not airtight and never used other than on the dusty surface of the Moon. The actual shoes are white and attached to the pressure garment.


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